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One of several titles in a new series of tiny dice games from Schmidt Spiele, Leo Colovini’s Geizen brings push-your-luck to dice games in a new way. Each player starts the game with 18-25 chips, depending on the number of players. On a turn, a player first rolls all five dice, sets aside at least one die, then rerolls, with the process continuing at most five times, at which points all the dice will be set aside. The player discards all 6s, then for each other value he places 1-2 chips onto the game board, mostly from his hand but sometimes from the stock. If a player completes a column by filling in the red circle, he claims all the chips in this column and every other player must remove 1-3 chips in his supply from the game. A player can borrow up to five chips from the supply on his turn, but if he fails to repay them at the end of that turn (by claiming a column), the game ends and the player with the most chips in hand wins.